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Energy Therapy and Infusion

By Shay Rizzo uses energy infusion in her jewelry to help the wearer use the infused energy as energy therapy to heal themselves.

There is no right or wrong way to wear a piece of infused jewelry.

The wearer can use the infused energy right after purchase. In order to maintain a positive energy infusion that will work well for energy therapy, the wearer must infuse energy throughout the piece’s lifetime. Depending on the amount of negative energy surrounding the wearer, the energy may need to be infused more often. There are many intentions that you can infuse into an object. This blog post is created to help you maintain a full positive energy charge by teaching you how to re-infuse your purchased pieces, as well as show you tips on how to infuse a completely new item.

There are many methods to infuse or CHARGE a piece with intention but in this post we will be using the method of TOUCH.

The first step in charging items via touch is to find out what hand you will use to infuse energy and intention into said piece.

You posses active and passive hands, also called your giving and receiving hands. With your active, giving, hand you manipulate and create energy. With your passive, receiving, hand you acknowledge and receive energy. In order to determine which hand is which; fold your hands together in a natural, relaxed way, with the fingers intertwined, and rest your hands in front of you. Now, look at your thumbs. Which thumb is covering the other? The thumb on top is the hand that is active: best for sending out energy, and charging objects. The hand whose thumb is being covered by the other one is your giving or passive hand: better for accepting energy and far more sensitive to the feel of energy-fields already there. Note: it is not a lesser hand, nor is the other hand magically more useful! The two skills are different, not superior or inferior.

Now that you know which hand is which, you will be infusing your item with your active hand.

Hold the object in your hand and focus your intention upon it. You can also do this with the addition of asking a blessing of a particular deity that resonates with you or that corresponds with the intention of your charging. Divine words can be used to further fuse the energies with your purpose or you can create a ritual or event of charging items. You may choose to charge a number of items at once or single items for specific purposes. The sky is the limit! Sometimes words are not needed and a blessing of the heart in sacred silence is what you feel like offering. Follow your own inner wisdom and call on what you feel.

A good amount of time to focus on your piece and intention is about 3-5 min however there is no maximum time allotment. It is said that only 30 seconds of positive thoughts a day to change your life, so your energy infusion should help you hone your skills of positive thinking by also allowing you to create memories and associations with the piece. Similar to people having lucky charms such as undies, shirts, shoes, or socks; anything that you choose to positively infuse has the potential to become that for you.

Now, are you wondering more about the artist behind this energy infusion? I asked By Shay Rizzo to answer a couple of questions for me. Below are her answers!

1) What are the benefits of wearing/using items that have been infused with energy?

Wearing items infused with positive energies are beneficial because it gives you focus. What you focus on you will receive. Wearing a piece created with positive intentions will shift your energy to match the positive vibes in your one of a kind piece. Imagine holding/wearing a piece and knowing that it is silently bringing you happy moments. The piece knows only the intentional energy placed in the item during creation. Touching the item will remind you of its meaning, that will already shift your energy to a positive place.
2) What is the method that you use to infuse your jewelry pieces for sale (aside from touch)? Tips for people to maintain the good energy/recharge the items they have purchased. 
It is all intention and envisioning. From the moment the piece is taking place in my mind the intention is set. This piece will bring the heart chakra balance, as I say these statements in my mind my hand and inspiration is being guided. I now pick the colors, wires, stones, charms that bring me to the intention. Often time during creation and setting the intention I am inspired by the motive of the person that is commissioning the piece. I ask multi questions to understand the state of mind they are coming from and help me to envision where they need to go.
Here are the questions I ask to get a better understand, inspiration and intention.
If you are placing a custom order, here are a few questions we use to get connected to your inner energy:
Favorite Color?
Do you have an animal, shape, season, texture that you feel overly stimulated by?
What month is your birthday?
Favorite movie? Why?
Favorite Smell?
How about a certain time period? (Ex. The 1950’s, Vikings time, Egypt biblical time.)
Do you have a certain pain in your body? If so where? (Ex. Lower back, head, stomach issues, depression)
3) How can you tell if an item is infused with energy? Is there a difference between positive and negative energy?
Have you ever just been around a place, or person that gives you a wave of chills that feels off? That or those has negative energy that is effecting your energy field. You can feel the effect it has on you. Do you feel balanced, happy, inspired: then the energy in the piece is connecting with your inner source. You will be able to feel the infused energy when you allow the emotional wave to wash over your inner energy. Every item you come in contact with holds energy. Touch the item and pause…. let the energy flow into you, you will know whether you should let it go or hold it tight. Trust your first instinct. Trust your gut. You will know.
4) When did you first learn about energy infusion? When did you start to apply it/how long have you been infusing items? 
Hmmm good question. Nice way to bring me back to the beginning. I would say it all started in 8th grade. I had found 5-7 different pieces of old jewelry (necklaces, earrings, pendants) and took them apart to create something new. Several of the pieces were broken and too small to wear. As I put them together the intention of self confidence and self love were my focus. As I took pieces apart and put them back together I would envision me standing tall. I envisioned the feelings and reactions of those around me as being happy and positive. Once I finished creating my new piece I began the process of picking out my outfit. Color, thought and overall experience was aimed to create happy. Happy to me at that time looked like blue….I got dressed with the intention of being bold, beautiful and gaining more friendships. It worked. The day completed with a new friend- Beth, an A in my English test and the attention of a boy – Jason…… When you envision, set intention and figure out a way to remind yourself throughout the day (aka custom piece) your life is yours to create.
8th grade was when I realized we can make anything happen if our intentions are pure, positive and energetically charged for the greater good.

Remember that there are not really any right or wrong ways to deal with energy infusion as long as you are in a positive mindset.

BEWARE THAT IF YOU INFUSE NEGATIVE ENERGY BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN. It is best to only infuse items when you are feeling balanced and actively envisioning the feeling you strive to attain. These tools will work so be wary of what you seek. It is best to remember the phase; “Be careful what you ask for” when dealing with energy infusion. By Shay Rizzo can also have a meeting or get together, to help you better understand your piece if needed. Email for inquires.

Happy Healing; Much Love and Light!

Always Live your Happy!

#findyourhappy #findyourhappyandstaythere

Edra Izzo

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